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The Financial Services Commission (“Commission”) has noted the expressions of interest, views and requests for guidance from the industry regarding the regulatory requirements as it relates to the issuance of securities by way of private placements.

The Commission has developed a proposal to facilitate exemptions from certain provisions of the Securities Act, Cap 318A in respect of entities which issue securities by way of private placements. It has determined that it is desirable to consult with the industry on the proposal, and has therefore issued a consultation document with the proposal. The purpose of the consultation is primarily to ensure that the Commission receives the specific views of the industry on the proposal in order to further inform the Commission’s decisions in this matter. 


The Commission therefore invites written comments on the proposal as a whole, the particular features of the proposal and the specific questions posed at the end of the consultation document. The comments may be submitted by email, fax or delivered to the Commission. The contact information is outlined in the consultation document. A copy of the consultation document is available under the “News” section of the website.