Securities - Fee Schedule

 Securities Act Cap 318A

Activity     Fees  (BBD$)
 1. Registration Fees   Initial   Annual (payable on or before 31st January in each year) 
 a.   Broker   $2,500   $2,500 
 b.   Investment Adviser   $2,500   $2,500 
 c.   Dealer in securities   $2,500   $2,500 
 d.   Trader in securities   $2,500   $2,500 
 e.   Securities Companies   $10,000   $10,000 
 f.   Underwriter of Securities   $10,000   $10,000 
 i.   Stock Exchange   0.1% of the value of registrants with a minimum of $50,000  0.1% of the value of transactions in the previous year with a minimum of $50,000
 j.   Barbados Central Securities Depository Inc.   $10,000   $10,000 


2. Filing Fees 
Activity Fees (BBD$)
 a.   Filing of Registration Statement (i) initially and Annually   $1,500
  (ii) additional shares issue   $750
 b.  (i) Filing of Prospectus (bonds, equities, mutual funds)   $5,000
  (ii) Filing a supplementary or an amended prospectus  $750
  (iii) Block distribution circular   $5,000
 c.  Notices to be filed under Section 69(1)(f)(i) of the Act    $250 
 d.  Filing of a Statement in accordance with Regulation 4(2) of the Companies (Take-over Bid) Regulations, 2002    $5,000 
 e.  Filing of documentation in support of a request for an exemption under the Act    $750 
 f.  Filing a Takeover Bid Circular    $5,000 


2. Additional Fees 
Activity Fees (BBD$)
 a.  De-listing of a security    $750 
 b.  For every extract of a page    $2.00 per page
 c.  Inspection of registration statements and information filed there with    $10.00 


 Mutual Funds Act Cap. 320B

Activity    Fees  (BBD$)
 Licence Fees  Initial   Annual (payable on orbefore 31st January in each year) 
 1.   General Mutual Fund Administration   $10,000   $5,000 
 2.   Restricted Mutual Fund Administration    $5,000  $2,500 
 3.   Mutual Funds (General, Exempt and Limited Investors)   $10,000   $5,000 

Note: If an annual licence fee is not paid on or before 31st January in any year, an additional fee equal to that annual fee is payable for each month or part of a month during which the annual fee and any additional fee remains unpaid.